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For generations John paul “JC” Calandra has been supporting the youth by implementing his street credibility in NYC culture helping them bring to the surface their own creativeness. John was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1970, just around the same time that hip-hop itself was being born in the very same streets. Early on he found an interest in a new style of dance that was up and coming in the New York City streets known as electric-boogie and b-boying. The growing passion for this dance steered him in a different direction from trouble on the streets to expressing himself creatively as a dancer then studying theater at HB Studio, Strasberg institute, and finally The Center for Stanislavski Theater art. Finding a way to express himself as a well rooted Brooklyn knight he found a passion for self-expression that has only grown through the years. John later became known in New York city as a Mime infusing dramatic movements and adding a body of characterizations and who assisted in regenerating the b-boy movement in the mid 1990’s in the eastern district long after it had died out.

Eventually, JC found his way out of the streets by bringing his passion and science of his NYC culture into dance studios and classrooms passing on to the next generation and in turn helping that younger generation find a way to express themselves theatricalities through stage and film performance, dance, music and art.

JC has since been involved in various dance and music shows, gallery shows, lectures, community collaborations, and still an active dancer and teacher in the hip-hop and arts communities.

Through his passion and love for this art form he continues to encourage the next generations to be actively involved with their own future in the preservation and science of creative culture and pass it on in its pure and original essence.

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