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A live audience participated performance workshop dedicated to the exercises that utilizes traditional and new theater techniques that will make you overcome your initiative obstacles of stage presence.






This is strictly a floating workshop that works on a variety of methods and crafting skills in theater creating new patterns and techniques in performance art.

The workshop varies in workmanship and expressions 


The Storybox workshop is a theater project company and a subsidiary of 397Entertainment, and is getting ready to also go into film production.

Storybox is a creative outlet for real artists who either struggle or are working towards their craft as an artist.


John Calandra,

The Founder and Director


The workshop started as a project about 30 yrs ago with a group of kids from strasberg institute that hung out all day discussing techniques and doing scenes in Union Square park, down the block from the school. A street dancer that blended breakdancing and popping into scenes and would pop-act or break-act them out that reflected emotionally more on movement as oppose to verbal lines. John interposed a creative hip-hop outlet for youth and began teaching his own techniques in dance and theatre and became accustomed to teaching. john grew up with a background of studies, and performances in acting, dancing, and literature, and music as well. 


This is a group of similar interest of creating the very platform they need to get their work produced and staged in front of a live actual audience.

this a basically a theater workshop that invites anyone in to be involved, working with others and creating relationships through art and entertainment.

various skills are worked on and explored with venues and other outlets also infusing traditional and modern techniques for learning what is nessasary

through interpretations that are needed so you can be prepared.

this a group theater workshop.

Alternate Reality Theatre - utilizing your passion to create.

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